Hello! How are you doing?

It is not unusual that people feel lack of energy these days and also get both physical and mental symtoms.

Do you often feel ill or stressed out? Maybe you suffer from a problematic stomach, allergies, pain, high bloodpreasure or maybe you have trouble sleeping? 

Would you like to feel stronger, healthier and more relaxed? Would you like to learn more about diet and lifestyle and how even a small change can give big results for your health?

Holistisk Styrka works from a holistic, functional and nutritional perspective. It means that I am looking/searching for the cause of your symtoms and I treat the body as a whole. My main focus is healing imbalances and consulting my clients towards a healthier lifestyle. 

When you come to me for the first time we will work for about 90 min. The follow-ups are shorter sessions. It doesn't matter if you can meet me in person at my office, or if you choose to send me dna (e.g fingernail clippings) and I help you online. You can read more about the full body scan below.

Full body scan - a health analysis

Bioresonance Therapy

This is a form of a holistic analysis that can detect balances and imbalances in organs, cells and tissues in the human body. My instrument can both analyse and treat symtoms. 

The biofeedback gives me infromation how the body resonances in different tissues, cells and organs. An electromagnetic field is used to collect data and to send back optimal frequencies into the chosen area. 

There are hundreds of areas that I can work with:

  • The cardiovascular system
  • The blood and lymph system
  • The digestive system
  • The liver, the gallbladder, the kidneys, the skin
  • Muscles and skeletal system – pain in knees, back, neck, shoulders, muscles/joints
  • The respiratory system
  • The endocrine and hormone system
  • The nervous system
  • Mikroorganisms – virus, bacteria, fungus
  • The urogenital system
  • Infections and inflammation
  • Injuries - healing after an acute trauma
  • And much more

The big advantage with bioresonace is the instant answers I get after a scan and analysis. I always consult in a holistic way - I see the body as one whole unit where every thing should resonate with each other. This means that it is important to also implement healthy lifestyle and diet/nutrition choices. 

Get a health analysis online

I can help you with your symtoms where ever you are. I use your DNA (fingernail clippings) in my intrument. You have to send me this DNA before you book a full body scan (hälsoanalys). On the basis of your symtoms, your medical history and the results from my biofeedback instrument, I analyse your health status, the loading of your organs, cells and tissues and I see if you have any malnutrition. I connect all the dots for you and make a short video, that I send to your e-mail. Together we put together a plan for your recovery. 

I also do bioresonace therapy on dogs, horses and cats. 

Please contact me on holistiskstyrka@gmail.com for furter questions.